Zygmunt Zaremba 1947

The Warsaw Commune: Betrayed by Stalin, Massacred by Hitler

Source: Pamphlet published by Socialist Platform, London, 1997, second impression 1999. Text translated from the French by Al Richardson, annotated by Paul Flewers and Al Richardson. Prepared for the Marxist Internet Archive by Paul Flewers.


Introduction by Paul Flewers
Biographical Introduction to the French Edition by René Lefeuvre
Authors’ Preface to the French Edition
Chapter One: The Approaching Storm
Chapter Two: 1 August 1944
Chapter Three: Euphoric Days
Chapter Four: Under the Fire of the German Attack
Chapter Five: Help
Chapter Six: The Parachute Drops
Chapter Seven: The Tragedy of the Old Town
Chapter Eight: Isolation
Chapter Nine: Is This Help at Last?
Chapter Ten: The Surrender
Chapter Eleven: Aims and Achievements of the Warsaw Uprising
Chapter Twelve: The Social Aspect of the Warsaw Commune
Chapter Thirteen: The Part Played by the Polish Socialist Party in the Warsaw Commune