Workers Fight

Sean Matgamna in 1966 organized a tendency inside Revolutionary Socialist League (RSL) the which he argued that the, by then effectively the Militant tendency, was too inward looking and needed to become more activist in its orientation. The RSL refused to circulate the document and, with a handful of supporters, he left to form the Workers’ Fight group. Espousing left unity, they accepted an offer in 1968 to form a faction within the International Socialists as the Trotskyist Tendency. The paper was the journal of this long running tendency which eventually merged with others to in 1976 to publish International Communist.

We have only a very fragmentary collection of Workers Fight of which close to 100 were published it's eight years of existence. We will add more as the Splits and Fusions blog adds them to their collection. We want to thank them for insuring the preservation of this valuable project by letting the ETOL copy this files.

Contents by Issue

Issue No. 1, October, 1967
Issue No. 2, December, 1967
Issue No. 3, January, 1968
Issue No. 4, February, 1968
Issue No. 5, no date
Issue No. 6, May, 1968
Issue No. 7, June, 1968 “Special Issue”
Issue No. 8, October, 1968
An issue from 1969. No month noted.
Supplement to issue No. 49
Issue No. 94, April 26 to May 3, 1975
EEC in or out. A Workers Fight pamphlet
For a Rank and File Movement. Pamphlet from Workers Fight
Workers Fight an the Fourth International pamphlet
September 1974 Open letter for Revolutionary Regroupment.

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