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Karl RadekMember of the R.S.D.L.P. since its beginning, where he was active in Galicia, Russian Poland and Germany. Took an anti-war stand during WWI. Became a Bolshevik in 1917. In 1923 a member of the Left Opposition; expelled from the party in 1927 as a result. Radek entered the party again in 1930, but was again expelled in 1936. Tried in the Second Moscow Trial, and died while in prison. Serge had written of Radek: “A sparkling writer ... thin, rather small, nervous, full of anecdotes which often had a savage side to them ... just like an old-time pirate.”



March 1909: The Unity of the Working Class

1914: Marxism and the Problems of War

5 May 1916: The End of a Song

1918: The Development of Socialism from Science to Action

September 1918: Preface to Arthur Ransomes’s A Letter to America

18 January 1919: Karl Liebknecht – At the Martyr’s Graveside

6 November 1919: Anti-Parliamentarism

1920: Dictatorship and Terrorism (book)

June–July 1920: The Labour Movement, Shop Committees and the Third International

June–July 1920: The Polish Question and the International

July 1920: England and the East

October 1920: Bertrand Russell’s Sentimental Journey

1921: Is the Russian Revolution a Bourgeois Revolution? (pamphlet)

April 1921: The Kronstadt Uprising, 1921

May 1921: The Downfall of Levi

The following 4 texts were translated by John Riddell as part of the Comintern history project

1921: Report from Credentials Commission June 25

1921: Speech in Discussion of Executive Committee Report June 26

1921: Tactics and Strategy June 30

1921: Report on Tactics and Strategy July 2

3 August 1921: On the Trade Unions, at Second Congress of the Communist International;
Replying to the Discussion

October 1921: Outlines of World Politics

1922: The Paths of the Russian Revolution

1922: Foundation of the Two and a Half International

1922: Eve of Fusion of the Second and Two-and-a-Half International

1922: From the Hague to Essen

October 1922: The Greek Revolution

October 1922: The Winding-Up of the Versailles Treaty, Report to the IV. Congress of the Comintern

The following 5 texts were translated by John Riddell as part of the Comintern history project

1922: Speech in Discussion of Executive Committee Report November 11

1922: Report on the Capitalist Offensive November 15

1922: Summary of Discussion on World Capitalist Offensive November 17

1922: Speech in Discussion of the Eastern Question November 23

1922: Report on Czechoslovak Question December 4

1923: Leon Trotsky, Organizer of Victory

1923: Ruhr and Hamburg

May 1923: Lenin

June 1923: The International Outlook

June 1923: Leo Schlageter: The Wanderer into the Void (“The Schlageter Speech”)

July 1923: Fascism and Communism

1924: Through Germany in the Sealed Coach

October 1926: November: A Page of Recollections

December 1926: A Letter to Klara Zetkin

1927: Larisa Reisner

October 1928: Appeal for Trotsky

1931: Capitalist Slavery vs. Socialist Organisation of Labour

January 1931: Greetings to Romain Rolland

1934: The Birth of the First International

1934: Fifteen Years of the Communist International (pamphlet)

August 1934: Contemporary World Literature and the Tasks of Proletarian Art (Speech at the Soviet Writers Congress)

1935: Felix Dzerzhinski


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